Strategic services
for emerging +
established brands

We create and refine innovative concepts
for emerging and established brands throughout
the restaurant, hotel, and hospitality space.

By leveraging our own and our clients successes, our contacts, and partners we help navigate the hurdles
and milestones needed to achieve a high level of success in a very competitive industry.

We are a people-centric consultancy who focus on building strong relationships with you, your team,
and your customer which enables strong profitability and makes your business stand out.

We have consulted over a 25 year period in a myriad of industries and established relationships and
partnerships with a world-wide network of professionals creating a network of success for our clients.

Our work encompasses:

  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Colleges + Universities
  • Retail Sites
  • Public Schools
  • National Parks
  • Unique Pop-Ups

We believe:

In the highest standards in a competitive industry
in operating sustainably, with a purpose for profit
in fulfilling our client’s vision

asian box burlingame

When working with a
consultant, you want
someone who has “been
there and done that.”

Quite simply put—we have. We have
consulted with dozens of progressive
clients. We have been the developers of,
as well as the owner and operators for
successful brands and fine dining
restaurants. This experience gives us
skills that differentiate us from other

asian box burlingame
Asian box street food

“top five fast
casual chains”


Fish & Farm

Frank Klein
is one of the
most respected
Bay Area

Michael Bauer
30 year food critic and editor
at the San Francisco Chronicle

Oren’s Hummus Shop

Frank was essential in
retooling and refining
our opening menus,
and in establishing our
service standards and
operational systems.

Oren Dobronsky
Oren’s Hummus Shop

Oren’s Hummus Shop
Muir Woods Trading Co.

If I had one week to open
up a restaurant from
scratch in any part of the
world, I would parachute
Frank Klein in and he
would get the job done.

Shane Ortega
Ortega Family Enterprises


We help create strong brands and
businesses, and ensure our clients
achieve maximum success through:

01. Strategic planning

From “back of napkin to concept,” branding, sales growth, marketing, financial planning, growth strategies and assisting with key partnerships.

02. assessments + training

We work with businesses at any stage to assist in maximizing the efforts of their organization.

We help you succeed with a keen focus on team development and creating and training on what the core values and standards are of your business.

03. Operational analysis

We help you maximum returns from both revenues and people. Our expertise is determining where you can create better daily operations and synergies with vendors, partners, and team members.

We help maximize your efforts so your time is centered on creating meaningful experiences with both your team and your customers.

What could we
accomplish together?


Frank Klein [CEO]

Frank is best known as an industry consultant who has helped restaurants and organizations of all sizes maximize their resources and enhance profitability. He has represented dozens of National restaurants and hotels, and worked with Michelin-rated chefs, multi-unit operators, and diverse clients such as National Park Service operators, The District of Colombia Public Schools, and Stanford University.


Jeffrey Mills [Project Lead]

Jeffrey Mills has a storied background that began in the Boston and Manhattan lounge and restaurant scene. Jeffrey started making a name for himself as he bartended his way through Boston College. His consulting career started early on as restaurateurs and hoteliers sought his “magic touch” to help their venues operate more profitably and garner more press. As he bartended and managed some of the hottest venues in Boston and New York, he also compiled a long list of fans and potential investors.


Marianna Torres [Project Manager]

Marianna created an early career in the restaurant business assisting FK Restaurants with hospitality training and developing into an operations specialist. She has a passion for our clients to succeed on all levels. Mariana has travelled abroad extensively to research different cuisines, cultures, and business practices. Her project management skills are tremendous as is her passion for food businesses of all types.


Elkan Hwang [Project Manager]

A graduate of UC Davis, Elkan is a multi-talented member of the team who can design a logo or website as easily as he can source outdoor furniture for Death Valley or find that vintage refrigerator you need for your bar. He is a keen traveler and his time abroad has provided him with varying degrees of proficiency in 3.5 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, and some French).



We also do much work on a confidential basis.


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